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March 11th… people in search of a third way

Posted by worriedlebanese on 31/01/2007

Naya sent me the link of a new movement that has sprung up in Lebanon: March 11. You can check them out on the following link: http://www.11march.org/march11interface/default.aspx.

The site doesn’t say much about what the group wants or even the people that are part of it. All it does is explain the name: March 11, midway between March  8th (A movement that was Hezbollah lead) and March 14th (a popular movement that came to be lead by Hariri and Jumblatt and other Christian politicians the co-opted).

From their name, one can guess that they see themselves as a third way, a median way, or even a hyphen, joining the two groups. This is not a new step in Lebanon. Other politicians and political movements have claimed to do exactly the same thing.

Although this new reaction to the threatening and potentially lethal bipolarisation that we witness in Lebanon is obviously a positive one, I do not yet see in what way it is going to counter or bridge the new political divide.


3 Responses to “March 11th… people in search of a third way”

  1. naya said

    hi! i’m in a hurry, but since i asked myself too who could be behind this campain, i made some contacts and a friend of mine who is journalist have been able to get some confidential infos: well now it won’t be confidential at all…..it seems that the businessman merhi abou Merhi is behind all this, or at least he financed it all since he is partner in the intercontinental bank of lebanon and owner of Merhi Cruise. It’s quit odd.

  2. tearsforlebanon said

    How about what is trying to get started Unite Lebanon in White take a look at my post on this it is great Please see if you can put a ribbon or something on your blog to help move this along.

  3. karim said

    thanks for info

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