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Drifting Israeli balloons affair

Posted by worriedlebanese on 27/01/2007

balloons.jpgA bunch of green Israeli balloons fell in a garden next to Nabatieh earlier today causing panic. The Lebanese internet press and a local television reported that several people were poisoned by them. I was very sceptical when I first heard it from a friend, but I then checked the info on the internet and found a picture of the balloons and details about the poisoned people who had approached the balloons.

The report was shoking. It hinted to an Israeli criminal intent. This comes to no surprise for a Lebanese. We have seen the Israeli army and its intelligence bomb civilian areas, coach assassins, assassinate political leaders… their last military operation, cost more than a thousand Lebanese lives, most of which seem to be civilian. Even though sending green poisoned balloons to kill Lebanese seems rather primitive and unlikely, I brushed my doubts away when I saw the hebrew lettering on those balloons.

A couple of hours ago, I read the Haaretz article and i realised how foolish I was to believe the reports I had read earlier. They stated that the balloons were promotional and the wind had blown them to Lebanon. Other sources confirmed that version of event and some media outlets started erasing the first version they had posted (ex: tayyar.org)
The balloon affair shows how gullable we sometimes are. It also indicates the deep mistrust we have for Israelis, one that might be is based on prejudice, but it certainly is strengthened by the Israeli behaviour towards Lebanon.

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– Haaretz


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