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“I love life” v. “I love life”

Posted by worriedlebanese on 14/01/2007

The opposition parties started a couple of days ago a media campaign that mimics and subverts the media campaign launched a month ago by progovernmental parties  under the banner of “I love life” (www.lebanon-ilovelife.com).
The first reaction one has is of surprise. The logo, and central message, is almost the same; only two leaves are missing over the heart. The design, colours and visual elements (especially the two leaves) refer to the “Independence 05” campain.

But the new posters we see are signed “The Lebanese opposition” surmounted by a rainbow. All posters have an additional message tagged in white and go along these lines “I love life: in Lebanon”, “I love life: without debts”, “I love life in many colours”…

The signature’s graphic is somewhat cheap, and the “highjacking” of the message is blatant. But the overall message is quite clear:
– the Opposition is a “Lebanese opposition”.
– It is diverse yet united.
– It is just as patriotic and life-loving as the pro-government coalition.


3 Responses to ““I love life” v. “I love life””

  1. ad eater said

    I loved the counter campaign! I was kind of puzzled by the first “I love life” campaign since there was no sign of who’s really behind it, and I had heard so many different versions.. When the counter campaign came, I figured it was a tease campaign and that was the follow-up!!!

    *bows down to the Lebanese marketing power*

  2. IMAD KHOURY said

    i love life campain was meaningless when first launched ….it was thanks to the opposition which knows how to take advantage out of it and made it expand…. it came as a help andpublicity for the opposition not the government lololol…..the response odf the original campain to the opposition came veeeery late……and out of date(baadi rouh 3al choghel…3endy saff)

  3. kblogid said

    How about a healthy dose of sarcasm?

    Please check http://ilebanon.wordpress.com for an “I Love Life” competition with a twist

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