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Lebanese in Israel

Posted by worriedlebanese on 11/01/2007

southlebaneseinisrael.jpgThe Nahar published an article today on the Lebanese refugees in Israel based on an interview made with Maronite Bishop in Israel, Father Paul Nabil Sayah.

The article isn’t of much interest because it’s based on a very small number of background information and even less information given by Father Sayah. The central argument is that the Lebanese polticians are not working properly on solving the problem of Lebanese refugees in Israel.

The most striking element I found in the article is that it claims that only 60% of the refugees are Christians. This is an interesting figure. In other words, 40% of them are Sunni or Shiite Muslims or Druze. But why is it then that only Christian parties speak of those Lebanese refugees?

Another interesting fact is that the article speaks of a humanitarian crisis but is never really convincing on this point. The fact is that these families are actually political refugees. Most of them will not be convicted for war crimes, but for allying themselves with Israel. Their “crime” is a political one.

A quick search on the net shows that several parties are interested in these refugees, mainly the LSA, the FPM, and the Lebanese Forces.


lebanese_in_israel.docclick on square to view the article.


3 Responses to “Lebanese in Israel”

  1. issam ghallab said

    dears all/let mi send to you all there my best wishes and regards urging you the back to your motherland forever lebanon the great.

    dears all / i am from kfarmatta and we are doing our best for the desplaced lebanes brothers to be back to kfarmatta as soon as possible.

    we need to save lebanon of all the criminales and terroristes and bringing them to justice but we the -LEBANES- cant do that task alone ..we need the cooperation and the supporte of the united state of america …we can serve too

  2. dears all / the time is coming so as saving lebanon from the -DARKNESSES-of the syrian and iranian terroristes regimes.

    we have to be united without any kind of -selfish-so as to be able winning the last confrontation against those who are trying to put us in fear .

    i wish i can talk with you by phone so as to planefecate and coordenate our task…saving

    lebanon and the international democracy issam ghallab venezuela cumana phone no:00582934162154–04140902260

  3. dears all/ today we lost a brave men of our task…braves men who was able to offer themselves for the sake of the democracy…a braves men of france and canada.

    dears all / let mi send my deep condolence for those who left us without saying goodby for their familyes.

    dears all/ we must act now and not tomorrow ..because tomorrow will be too late for the total elemination of the international terrorizm.

    i can serve too with the TROOP

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