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Throwing stones from a glass house

Posted by worriedlebanese on 10/01/2007

In his latest interview published in today’s edition of the francophone daily, l’Orient-Le Jour, MP Walid Jumblatt reveals very clearly the logics and mechanisms that hold together the lebanese political system, or to be more specific, the logics and mechanisms that sustain the lebanese political class.

In this article, Jumblatt (and the journalist who recorded the interview, who is a friend I cherish dearly) exposes all his arguments against Hezbollah.
The most stricking characteristic of the interview is that all its arguments are organised around two main ideas.
– The only reading one can have of the political situation is a geopolitical one.
– The only reading one can have of the geopolitical situation is a confessional one.

He obviously depicts the Hezbollah as a foreign element in Lebanese politics, foreign in every way. He see’s it as a tool used by Iran and Syria. He portrays it as foreign to the system in its thinking, ideology, organisation… But is it really? He accuses it of building a State within the State. Isn’t it what he’s running, but through different means (shared by his wartime companion, Nabih Berri).
The sentence that disturbed me the most in the interview is the following: “one can always find Shiites that refuse the state of things, who want to be Lebanese and not Persians…”. It reminded me of a sentence his father had said in an interview weeks before his assassination. Kamal Jumblatt had said the same thing about Maronites… after saying that a third of them are better dead because they cannot be salvaged.


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