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The demonstration’s missing ingredient

Posted by worriedlebanese on 08/01/2007

lovelife.jpgFor weeks on, I’ve been supporting and siding with the Lebanese opposition in its bid to bring down the current government. I’ve repeatedly visited the camping area in downtown beirut to see the dynamics, what’s happening, what’s being said, who’s there… I have been surprised by the variety of opinions and groups one sees there. So the “rainbow” that the opposition now uses as its symbol is very representative, though one has to acknowledge that “yellow” (Hezbollah) and “orange” (Free Patriotic Movement), to a lesser extent, are the dominant colours. But there is something missing there, and it’s hope. The genius behind the 2005 “uprising” was that the organisers with the help of creative NGOs and advertisers succeeded in interwining “hope” with their confrontation with the Syrian regime and their political foes. What’s missing in today’s confrontation is “hope”. And you cannot bring it back with such gimmiks as in 2005 (the women in white sit-in, the giant lebanese flag, the night vigiles…). It’s true that they were incredibly effective then, but they’re not likely to be today. New and truer ways should be thought up to revive the hope in change amongst the Lebanese.


2 Responses to “The demonstration’s missing ingredient”

  1. naya said

    check this adress: http://www.11march.org/march11interface/default.aspx.

  2. Thanks Naya for the link. It’s a very interesting site. I will write something about it on today’s post.

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