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Shiite bashing 101

Posted by worriedlebanese on 04/01/2007

It has become a kind of pro-governmental sport to do some Shiite bashing on the air waves, on the net, in the press… in any way possible. Sometimes it is indirect and political; Hezbollah and its supporters are accused of advincing foreign interests at the expense of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

Other times, it is unabashed and interwoven with prejudice. Beirut MP talked about an invasion of Beirut when commenting on the Riad Solh permanent sit-in (or should we say camp-in). He didn’t need to add that its invaders were Shiites, because it is widely (and mistakenly) held that Beirut is a Sunni town and Shiites are foreign to it. 


3 Responses to “Shiite bashing 101”

  1. whysoworried said

    Here’s confirmation on the ramping prejudice in the political discourse:
    “the challenge posed by so-called Hezbollah through its occupation of downtown Beirut should not go un-answered. We believe that the proper solution for the political crisis engendered by such occupation begins by removing all the tents that are threatening the social peace as well as the livelihoods of the original owners and businesses of this vital part of the capital. The removal of such uncivilized presence in the middle of the most civilized part of the country is of the highest importance to preserving democratic political traditions. Selling falafel, narjillahs and other petty merchandises by dispossessed supporters of the Hizb, whose houses were destroyed by the foolishness of so-called resistance is an affront to common sense and is simply not acceptable.”
    It’s taken from a comment posted on http://lebop.blogspot.com/ under “There can be no Third Way, and why March 8 always loses” posted by “Charles Malek” on Thursday, January 04, 2007.

  2. flipp3r said

    Ah, Charles Marek, whoever you are. That reminds me of what an SA activist might have said about German Jews in the 1930s. “We believe..”..who? You and Abu Arz? Go and remove the tents, go on! Do something about it if you hate it so badly, and march your Guardians of the Cedars to take the Port of Tyre while you’re at it. This posting (Marek’s original, that is) is nothing more than a pointless attempt at instigation. If this is a Guardians posting, it’s nothing new, they’ve always been like this. Now look, they are utterly vanquished. Alhamdulillah.

  3. Sorry flipp3r, but there seems to be a misunderstanding here.
    The author of the comment quoted “Chales Malek”, a blogger who writes in a very interesting blog called http://lebop.blogspot.com/
    if u want him to read u, u better reply on that post.
    I’m sure he doesn’t read my blog.

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