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Am I becoming Chehabist?

Posted by worriedlebanese on 03/01/2007

Fouad Chehab In a small lecture I gave two years ago, I presented a paper on Chehabism where I harshly criticised it. I don’t remember the main point I raised in the issue, but I argued that Lebanon has had up to now three versions of the Chehabist project: that of Fuad Chehab himself, that of Emile Lahoud and that of Michel Aoun. 
I have always been very critical of Chehabism because of the illiberal and republican ideology that supports it… And also because of the way political affairs were handled by the Chehabists.
So I ask myself, how can I be supporting today the newest incarnation of Chehabism? and in what way does that make me a Chehabist?
I have to admit that I’m still as much a liberal as I am a communitarian. And the FPM’s ideology is very far from my own. I still loath republicanism and believe that individual rights and group rights are of equal importants; one shouldn’t be sacrificed for the other.
My support is contextual. And I support this party because it is the most dynamic one today and it supports change in the system… and that’s exactly what I want (even though I do not fully agree with the changes the FPM supports).
So in a way, I’m supporting a chehabist movement, but only because it is critical of the political system and opposing the political class.


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