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Political Hoarding in Syria and Lebanon

Posted by worriedlebanese on 30/12/2006

The most striking difference between political hoardings in Syria and Lebanon is in the number of politicians and political messages one finds on each side of the border.

In Syria, one portrait dominates, that of the Syrian President Bashar el-Assad. And the only other portraits one sees are those of his father and Hafez and brother Bassel.

In Lebanon, the only time you see the president’s portrait today is when you enter an official buidling, where it’s required by law. Elsewhere, on public billboards, they are nowhere to be found. However, a couple of meters away from the Syro-Lebanese border, one starts noticing portraits of a great number of politicians (or wanabes). One face dominates all, that of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. It’s the most recurring.

Very quickly one is struck by the corollation between the dominant religious buildings in the neighbourhood and the religious affiliation of the politician whose portraits are found on all its walls.


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