Worried Lebanese

thought crumbs on lebanese and middle eastern politics

Drowning in geopolitics

Posted by worriedlebanese on 24/12/2006

One hardly reads any sociological or truely political analysis of the present Lebanese situation. The only interpretations and explanations one finds are geopolitical ones.
Oddly enough, even the political actors on the Lebanese scene support that approach even though it indirectly negates the fact that they are independent actors.  
What they usually do is the following. They speak of an Axis (either an French-American-Israeli one, or a Syro-Iranian one), and they claim that their opponents are pawns in the hands of this evil axis that wants to destroy or mutilate Lebanon.
But in doing so, they hide that they themselves have interests (and are pursuing them), and so do their political foes. And that these interests sometimes coincide with those of a foreign power, and sometimes not.
So why this linkage (between the political and the geopolitical), why the negation of political agency?


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