Worried Lebanese

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Posted by worriedlebanese on 23/12/2006

Nothing more depressing than the Lebanese media these days. The tone it takes, the news its covers, the conclusions it draws seem to be sponsored by some pharmaceutical company desperate to bring the sales of prozac, xanax and valium back up.

Nahar, Orient-Le Jour, Daily Star, Future TV and LBC are openly and unabashedly hostile towards the opposition. They are not just critical; they do not try to claim neutrality; they condemn and use every argument possible to discredit what they consider to be a lethal foe. They claim that the opposition is manipulated by foreign powers, that they are serving foreign interest. The opposition is shown as dirty, destructive (to the economy) and morally wrong.
The same can be said about Safir, Diyar, NBN, al-Manar and NewTV. The government is their political foe. It’s not only illegitimate, but those who support it are serving foreign interests, obeying orders from the America and the French embassies…

Whatever Lebanese paper your read, whatever Lebanese news bulletin you watch, you will not find a “neutral” approach, observing political and social facts coldly, independently from a political agenda.


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