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Communicating with radical groups

Posted by worriedlebanese on 22/12/2006

There seems to be a general consensus today over the fact that one cannot come to an agreement with a radical group that engages in certain acts of violence often refered to as terrorist acts.
In this perspective, one cannot enter talks with these groups unless they firmly agree to renounce to violence. This of course is theoretically (and in principle) quite understandable. There cannot be true negociations with an armed group because this group could resort to violence after getting what it wanted through negociations. Furthermore, its weapons could inhibit or scare the other party that’s negociating with it.

In the Middle-East, several groups (and States) have been branded as terrorist and the West has suspended all talks with them. These groups are: Hezbollah, Hamas, the Syrian regime and to a lesser degree the Iranian regime.
The question that should be asked is how effective is the boycott, and where is it exactly leading us?


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