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Demarcation lines

Posted by worriedlebanese on 21/12/2006

For security reasons, the army has set up demarcation lines in Beirut.

Upon my arrival to Lebanon I visited the opposition camping area in downtown Beirut to see what exactly is going on, to check if the rumours (information published in the local press) were true.
What I discovered is a very odd mix of small political parties and groups (some of which I had never heard) and a strong presence of two other groups: Hezbollah and (to a lesser degree) the Free Patriotic Movement.

After walking through the camping area (that encompasses Riad el-Solh square, the adjoining parking and the southern part of Martyr’s square), I discovered that the whole are was cut off from the city center by barbwire. There were only two areas where you could cross from, two check points where you were asked by a military men (if you are a young man) to show your identity card and where were questioned on where and why you were going from one area to another.


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