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Independence Day

Posted by worriedlebanese on 22/11/2006

For the past week, I have been hearing people question the meaning of celebrating independence day this year, amid the political crisis that’s has been growing, with the resignation of six ministers and the calls for demonstrations and strikes coming from Hezbollah and the FPM.
I couldn’t understand why we shouldn’t be celebrating our recovered independence. Withstanding the interference of a dozen countries in our internal affairs and the presence of a large multinational force in the south of the country, our elected politicians are in control of public affairs and use their links with embassies to further their goal. It’s more of a local exploitation of international ties, than international meddling in local politics.
These debates and discussions seem futile and remote today, after the brutal assassination of Pierre Gemayel by unmasked men in broad daylight.
One thing is for certain, the day was one of sorrow and morning and all celebrations and official gatherings were cancelled.


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