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On both sides of Galilea – 2: talking about Peace

Posted by worriedlebanese on 07/11/2006

“We appreciate the Israeli voices who call for the resumption of the peace process with Syria”, said Walid Moallem, Syria’s Foreign minister. “We hope to have in 2007 a peace process to settle the issue [the Golan Heights], he added during a Press conference he gave in Damascus after his meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere. Israel “will find Syria ready to resume peace negotiations”, he concluded.
The same day, some 50 miles west of the Syrian capital, a statement issued by the Lebanese PM Fuad Siniora’s denied an Israeli newspapers reporting saying that Israeli PM Ehud Olmert was arranging a meeting with him. “It is very clear that the Israeli reports aims to hit the national unity inside Lebanon and also to convince the [Lebanese] people that such a meeting is being worked on,” the statement issued by the prime minister’s office said. It reiterated that Lebanon will be the last Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel.
What’s wrong with this picture? It could have been compared to a Greek tragedy, only it’s closer to a Ioneso play. We have:

1- A Syrian Foreign Minister who declares that Syrian is ready to start unconditional peace talks with Israel, without any guarantee on the restitution of the Golan Heights.

2- An Israeli Prime Minister who is ignoring Syria’s invitation and inviting Lebanon for peace talks.

3- A Lebanese Prime Minister who qualifies peace talks with Israel as traps and refuses to envisage them before every singe Arab country signs peace with Israel.

How absurd can a situation be? And when will anyone react to this absurdity?


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