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Defamatory rumours and other political pastimes

Posted by worriedlebanese on 03/11/2006

For over a year now rumour has it that several political parties and movements in Lebanon are undergoing military training here and there. Last year there was talk of military training in Jordan of sunni militiamen loyal to the Hariri clan. Throughout this year people have been saying that the Lebanese Forces were training in Northern Lebanon. Some claim that Michel Aoun has regained informal control of the Army and that he could wage a coup soon… During the past week, rumours about pro-Hariri military training in the Palestinian camps of southern Lebanon were so strong that they had to be officially denied by a Palestinian political figure.

None of these rumours has been verified up to now, but they show two things: Firstly, how worried the population is about an armed conflict; Secondly, how irresponsible the political class is for spreading such rumours and for doing very little to put an end to them by starting a public inquiery (what are the Defence and Justice ministries doing about that?). Moreover, if these rumours are beleived so easily, this might indicate the level of trust and regard the Lebanese have for their politicians. They see in them little more than potential militia men who are likeley to bare arms if ever given a chance to, and so as to acheive their aims.


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