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Thoughts on Lebanese identity – 2

Posted by worriedlebanese on 02/11/2006

I finally handed in my bloody article on Lebanese identities. It did take me forever to write it (devoted most of my time to procrastination). And I’m totally unsatisfied with what I’ve spawned.
It begins with two anecdotes that illustrate (I hope) how the Lebanese deal with their ‘religious identity’. The first anecdote is about not being able to escape a ‘denominational’ identity even if one doesn’t practice his faith or even after loosing it. The second anecdote shows you seven simple ways to discover to which community a Lebanese person belongs to. This is meant on one hand to familiarise a foreign audience with the intricacies and subtlety of our identities, and to prepare him to plunge more deeply into this identity (its history and the legal framework that supports it) and the debate it arises, on the other.
I tried to show how the debate of communal identities and the Lebanese national identity evolved. But the main point that I only hinted to is the link between one of the communal identities and the debate over the Lebanese identity. Hence the title of this article: The Lebanese identities, caught between complexity and perplexity (in French).


2 Responses to “Thoughts on Lebanese identity – 2”

  1. hiba said

    is it possible to give me details of the article, were & when it was published, and what’s the title.
    many thanks

  2. Dear Hiba, the article should appear in the next edition of Cités (a french periodical published by the Press Universitaire de France).

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