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Hay al-Tamir & Sunni Islamist trends in Lebanon

Posted by worriedlebanese on 28/10/2006

In today’s edition of l’Orient-Le Jour, Patricia Khoder wrote a very good article on Hay al-Ta3mir, a neighbourhood in Saïda adjacent to the Palestinian camp of Ain el Heloué. This neighbourhood has been making headlines lately because the Lebanese army will be taking position in it soon.

This announcement didn’t please some very vocal inhabitants of Hay al-Ta3mir who threatened to cut to shreds any soldier who ventured into their neighbourhood. In this lawless area, there’s more than distrust of the army, there is an open hostility towards it or any symbol of the Lebanese State.

To understand this reaction one has to look closer at the recent history of this neighbourhood and its social fabric.

(this posting will be completed on wednesday)


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  1. NB said

    Can you complete this posting for me? (I think in the end it was never completed)

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