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Comemorating the Kufur Qasem Massacre

Posted by worriedlebanese on 19/10/2006

I just learnt from the Mossawa Centre in Haifa that there will be a press conference this Sunday in Kufur Qasem (Israel) on the massacre that took place there on October 29, 1956, during the Sinai War, when the Israeli Border Policeshot and killed 49 Arab civilians.

The idea behind this commemoration is to campaign for the recognition of the massacre by the State of Israel, and call for legislations by Parliament and action by government to end the violence against Arab citizens and the incitement to “transfer” (physically expulse and stip of its citizenship)  the community. This view is promoted by MK Avigdor Liberman and his party Yesrael Biteno who might be joining the Israeli government soon.

I had never heard about this massacre before. It seems that an officer gave the order to shoot at sight on any Arab returning after curfew (5pm). This was presented as a security measure in times of war. But I wonder if this massacre wasn’t intended to terrorize the Arab population of Israel so that it remains quiet through out the war and doesn’t support the Arab armies and States. Of course, the only to know that would be to consult the archives of the military command. I think they’re probably open to the public by now.

For more info on Mossawa Centre, check out their site: www.mossawacenter.org


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