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Why Lebanon isn’t starting peace talks with Israel -1

Posted by worriedlebanese on 11/10/2006

Bachar Assad told the BBC on Monday he believed Syria and Israel could live side by side in peace and harmony. In an earlier declaration he made, he said that war with Israel cannot be ruled out as long as a lasting peace in the Middle East has not been achieved.

Ahmad Fatfat mentioned that speach today and wondered what would have been the public reaction if a Lebanese politician had said something similar to what Bachar Assad mentioned in the BBC interview, and talked about peace and harmony between Israel and Lebanon.


So I ask myself, why hasn’t a Lebanese politician talked about peace with Israel? Why do they always repeat that
Lebanon will be the last country to sign Peace with Israel? And even if the pledge had to be followed, why hasn’t Lebanon resumed peace talks with Israel? Should the country also be the last one to enter peace talks and negotiations? I cannot help but wonder why this insistence on being the last!


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