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out of ignorance and arrogance (1)

Posted by worriedlebanese on 07/10/2006

During a little speach I gave in a workshop at the European Parliament on the aftermath of the war on Lebanon, I admitted that the US and Israel were not the only ones who were guilty of ignorance and arrogance. It is true that Israel’s decision to wage war against Hezbollah (backed by the US) was based on ignorance of facts and a whole lot of arrogance. The israeli government predicted it would wipe out the islamic radical group with a swift but mighty blow from which it would not recover. The decision was also advanced on moral grounds…

But what about the rest of us? How did we react to this decision during the first days of the war?


2 Responses to “out of ignorance and arrogance (1)”

  1. my reaction was as follows: why for God’s sake am I so unlucky to be victim of a war that I didn’t have any decision in, and which both parties i’m politically opposed to.
    for the 1st time i couldn’t take party. furthermore, for the 1st time i felt the desire that both, Hezbollah and Israel, reach a state of mutual destruction. unfortunatly the war ended up with exactly the opposit outcome!

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